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PROFANITY - Fragments of Solace [CD digi-pack]


PROFANITY - Fragments of Solace [CD, digi-pack]
released by the band itself (12/04/2020)

Some infos about FRAGMENTS OF SOLACE

Armin Hassmann - drums
Lukas Haidinger - vocals and bass guitar
Thomas Sartor - vocals and guitars


1. Disputed Territory - 4:52
2. Progenitor of the Blaze - 6:39
3. Reckless Souls - 8:23
4. Where Forever Starts - 9:12
5. Towards the Sun - 4:48
6. Ceremony of the Rotten - 4:38
7. The Autopsy - 2:02

All lyrics written by Martl Bauer

Recorded first half of 2020 in:
Living Monstrosity Studios
Brickhouse Tonstudio
Deep Deep Pressure Studios

Mixed and mastered by Lukas Haidinger in August 2020 at Deep Deep Pressure Studios

Additional guest appearances by:
Terrance Hobbs (Suffocation): guitar solo in “Ceremony of the Rotten Flesh”
Matt Sotelo (Decrepit Birth): guitar solo in “Towards the Sun”
Dave Suzuki (Churchburn): guitar solo in “Disputed Territory”
Dimitry Orlov (Fetal Decay): vocals in “Towards The Sun”
Martl Bauer (Profanity): bass in “Where Forever Starts”

Coverartwork by Federico Musetti Art (http://www.federicomusetti.it/)

Release date is 4th of December 2020

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